Boxed In? Indian Importers Seek Relief in Bulk Shipments


Indian importers are facing challenges securing container space due to capacity issues with shipping lines. This strain on the containerized cargo market is forcing some to explore alternative shipping methods. The Loadstar reports a rise in Indian businesses utilizing breakbulk services, which involve transporting unpackaged, non-containerized cargo on bulk carrier vessels.

The reasons for the container crunch are twofold. Firstly, Indian importers are struggling with a lack of available space on container ships sailing out of China. This coincides with a period of high demand for containerized goods. Secondly, some Indian exporters, particularly those in the agricultural sector, are also experiencing difficulties in securing container space for their outbound shipments. As a result, they are exploring breakbulk options for exports like grains, oilseeds, pulses, rice, and sugar.

The article cites an instance of a breakbulk sailing from Kandla Port in India to Tanzania for agricultural commodities. This shift towards breakbulk solutions demonstrates the adaptability of Indian businesses in the face of logistical challenges. However, it’s important to note that breakbulk services may not always be a perfect substitute for containers. They can be less efficient and more time-consuming, potentially impacting delivery schedules.

Source: Load Star

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