Container port snarls now nearing Covid highs


This article discusses the growing congestion at container ports, which is nearing the levels seen during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The congestion is caused by a combination of factors, including a surge in global trade volumes and the rerouting of vessels around the Red Sea due to the ongoing conflict there. While the congestion is causing delays, it is not as disruptive as it was during the COVID-19 pandemic, when strict lockdowns and port closures caused major disruptions to global supply chains.

Some of the reasons behind the current congestion include shippers rushing to move their exports before the peak season arrives. Additionally, the rerouting of ships due to the Red Sea conflict has added to the travel time, further straining port capacity. Experts warn that the congestion could worsen in the coming months as the peak season for shipping approaches.

Overall, the article highlights the challenges facing the global shipping industry as it grapples with port congestion. While the situation is not as severe as it was during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still causing delays and disruptions. The coming months could see further congestion as shippers rush to meet peak season demand. 

Source: Container News

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