Logistical Challenges: Over 4,800 Unclaimed Containers Cause Congestion at Ho Chi Minh City Sea Ports


The Ho Chi Minh City sea ports in Vietnam are facing a logistical challenge with over 4,800 containers remaining unclaimed for more than 90 days. The backlog, primarily consisting of wood, scrap, and other goods, has created difficulties for efficient logistics operations. The surge in the number of containers in January was attributed to companies importing goods in excess before the Lunar New Year holiday, which commenced on February 8. This influx of containers has overwhelmed the port facilities, leading to delays and potential disruptions in the supply chain.

The situation is exacerbated by the presence of numerous “ghost” companies among importers of scrap goods, operating with incorrect information. These entities contribute to the unclaimed containers, posing challenges for the authorities in managing and regulating the logistics activities. HCMC Customs has indicated that unclaimed goods will either be returned to the sender or destroyed, emphasizing the need for timely action by importers to prevent further congestion at the ports. The accumulated unclaimed goods not only impact port operations but can also lead to a shortage of empty containers, potentially resulting in increased transportation charges for businesses.

Addressing this issue requires a coordinated effort from authorities, importers, and the shipping industry to streamline logistics processes, verify company information, and ensure timely clearance of containers to maintain the efficiency of the port operations and minimize disruptions in the supply chain.

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