Project Logistics

 We specialize in managing the transport of major infrastructure and industrial projects to and from India and have established a reputation for providing safe, cost – efficient and time saving inland transportation solutions. We specialize in:
● Project Planning
● Road Transport
● River Transport
● ODC Handling
● Port Facilitation
● Rail Transport
● Coastal Transport
● Customs Clearance
Our organization provides project shippers with a frequency and reliability of the entire scope of services on land, sea and air, that allows projects to move on a “just in time” basis anywhere in the world. The ability to provide project cargoes the opportunity to move on an as needed basis cannot be built using traditional, structured services. It requires an organization that is designed to anticipate change rather than follow routine. It requires an approach to resource acquisition based on fitting ships and equipment to the immediate cargo requirements rather than building a permanent, long term fleet with inflexible capabilities. In short, it requires a higher commitment to meeting customer’s needs than to the structured deployment of a fixed fleet of vessels or equipment.
Along with our associates we operate a fleet of trucks / trailers for the movement of various types of dry cargoes, trailers for containers as well as ISO tank containers.

Services We Offer

Freight Forwarding

We provide a comprehensive service whether the requirement is FCL/LCL load of Dry... to know more
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Custom Broker

We are licensed Custom Broker with wide experience in handling different kinds of cargoes such as... to know more
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Barge Services

We are owner of 2100 metric tons liquid barge and handle above 2,50,000 metric tons of bulk... to know more
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Tanker Transportation

We have a fleet of 50 tankers of 20 Metric Ton each... to know more
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Project Logistics

We specialize in managing the transport of major infrastructure and industrial projects... to know more
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Bulk Handling / Ship Chartering

The company is active in Chartering & Ship broking and has access to various Charterers... to know more
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Carnet Services

We provide total solutions for Clearance of goods under ATA Carnet and we specialize to do so... to know more
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We offer comprehensive and complete exhibition cargo clearance services in INDIA... to know more
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